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Foster and Co Landlord 911 Services

Landlord 911® is a strategic alliance formed between Foster & Company Ltd., Allied Shortridge Civil Enforcement and select law firms, specializing in resolving residential and commercial tenancy problems.  Our approach combines civil enforcement, paralegal, legal and collection services to offer Landlords a convenient and cost-effective, total, “one stop shop” solution.


As you know……
tenants who don’t pay your rent

  • are detrimental to your business,
  • are a negative impact on your cash flow,
  • increase your collection related expenses,
  • take too much of your (staff) time and energy,
  • require phone calls and knocks on the door, and a multitude of ignored notices

We understand…….

  • how difficult it is to monitor timely rent payments at all of your properties
  • how busy you and your site staff are
  • how important it is to have your suites occupied and your rent paid
  • that your tenants are your clients
  • the complexities of the governing legislation
  • you would prefer to avoid the cost of legal proceedings 


Foster & Co Solves These Eviction Problems
Foster and Co Landlord 911 Services


Many Calgary landlords choose to write off their bad debt and bad experience because they believe recovering rental arrears is a waste of time and money, and is often too complicated. Well evicting tenants doesn’t have to be complicated for you…

If you use

Foster and Company Ltd and

So don’t wait if you have tenant problems.
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