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Foster and Co Landlord 911 Services

Court of Queen’s Bench
Foster and Co Landlord 911 Services

Foster & Co traditionally uses the Court of Queen’s Bench to provide fast and efficient evictions services. With over 12 years experience in this area is has become our prime area of expertise to assist landlords with problem tenants, eviction issues and for dealing with complicated landlord and tenant issues.

Foster and Co Landlord 911 Services

To compliment this service, we have also started to implement the use of the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service or the RTDRS to our services.

Both routes have their strengths and weaknesses, so by providing both options we can provide a more complete service to our clients. If you’re unsure of which process may work better for you and your unique circumstance, please contact us so we can assist you and explain your options.

Bailiff Services
Foster and Co Landlord 911 Services

There comes a time when you need a bailiff to provide you with their services. With Foster & Co’s one stop shopping we can help you with this whether it’s during the entire process or if you simply require their services to finish your own eviction.

Process Serving
Foster and Co Landlord 911 Services

Need a tenant served? Concerned about your safety, having difficulties meeting with them or are you an out of town landlord dealing with this from afar? No problem, with our access to process servers it’s just another aspect of our one stop shopping service or choose this option ala cart!




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